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The sound of alarms ringing in my ears
I need a few more minutes, or a couple of years
Slept in late, got work at 8
Got up, ran straight out the door with haste

Out on the highway thinking about how
I'm trapped in a cycle, here and now
Cars blare, lights flare, mean glares, don't care
Caught in a traffic jam, going nowhere

My fingers rata-tata-tappin' on the wheel
Kickin' my brakes with my soles and my heels
Now I'm growing weary of the same old drive
Repeating a daily routine to survive

Although there's always something going on
excuses that I claim
There isn't anything to stop me from leaving
Only got myself to blame

So I try to occupy my time
With the beat and the rhyme to get by
Till I get my mind out of the past
And grasp what's ahead
Before I work myself until I'm dead!


Go to the store
Gonna get some Lemon Squares
Get to the door
It's just a bunch of million-air heads

Wasting my time
I'm just a few steps out of line
This disrepair I want to cause myself's a victimless crime

In through the aisles
This shit seems to evade me
I'm in mile seven marquee for that vitamin C

Or something like that

I don't know anymore
Distracted at the horse divorce
However you pronounce it
Deflating concentration is the source of my stagnation

Finally found it
Right next to the Pi-
R you kidding me!?
Its ninety nine ninety
Six, my prediction was wrong

This is just some sugar and lemons that I used to prolong this song

It's just a quid pro quo
I'm out, 'bout to pick up one of those
One of those?
One of those.


I hope you trip
So tie your shoes
Running back and forth
From day to day
Can't make up your mind
You're lost on your way

I'm at a loss of words
For thinking you were once kind
I have to play the game

Stomach's in a knot
Because of my mind
I feel for you all around
At the same time I really wish you weren't here
Unsettling rejoice

I can't say that I'm happy
I can't say that I'm mad
Sappy would work
But Nirvana would be mad

Shame on me, shame on me
Leave me alone
Go away

Rummaging through the black and white
Stuck in the gray

I only think of leaving
Every moment
Of every day

Stuck in the dark
I need the light
'Cause you're saving the power
For everyone else.


Understanding isn't easy to communicate through lies
Your acting is impressive, but your method's ill-advised
Target locked upon the sun, but you can't even see the skies
It's a beast to say the least but I spy...
You're living in denial

Truth can be a type of misbehavior
A room of passer-by's telling you to act their age
Or something just real enough to make the world believe your bluff
But if you can't afford to make it, you might just be the product

A bomb

You cut enough wires, the ticking don't stop
and you set off a silent alarm

The storm defines the calm

But basically you can be dangerous and anything
Hospitable as anyone, but never any better
'Til you learn to be you
And you've got nothing to prove
You tend to surround yourself with everyone you love - to lose

So your woes accumulate and you can only blame yourself
When 9 O'Clock comes around
I've got my friends and my health, and some...


It's getting late
It's time to say goodnight
You don't want to leave me
You've got such a big appetite

Dammit, you're right
I'm all out of fight
I'll see you in the morning
And everything will be alright

But it's not air-tight
and I can see it in your eye
You're holding back a cry
But you won't tell me why

So I'm leaving, man, fly
Sunlight burning in your eyes
Can't see me in the glare
Cause I'm not really there

You don't even want to look in my face
What did I do to deserve to be thought of with such distaste
Now cut it

Don't let the extra go to waste
There's a man sitting next to you eating food up off your place

And to negate my existence
And to show me such resistance
How can you be cool with me
And keep so much distance?

Goodnight, goodbye
Whatever makes you smile
I'd rather keep my brains in my head than on the floor tiles.



from Thursday Night Burrito Fight, released August 1, 2016



all rights reserved


The Schwam New Jersey

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